Jay Peters

Is this the end of design management?

Jay Peters, August 6th, 2014

A major FMCG company has recently decided to do away with their internal design management roles. They have chosen to instead empower their marketers to manage all design responsibilities. This leads to a very fundamental question…

Marketing vs. Design

Can you (effectively) manage design without a formal background in design? While we have seen in a few (rare) instances of design being well managed by a non-trained designer, in our experience, you do need to fully understand design to effectively manage it. In my opinion, only an academically / professionally trained designer can most effectively manage design.


Some arguments as to why …

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Sorena Veerman

7 Things To Stop Doing… as a Design Manager

Sorena Veerman, June 12th, 2014

There are many posts available on personal productivity. Ever thought about translating these to your profession as a design manager?

7 Things To Stop Doing‘Working less can actually produce better results’. This is exactly how to treat a design project: Be precise what type of design work is needed at which moment. Just stop doing design work that’s not really necessary to bring the project to a next phase. ‘Time is a limited commodity’. You will always have too little design resources. That’s corporate reality. Stop complaining and be smart about how and where to best use them.

Ready for more? The following article …

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Designing the Future Retail Experience

PARK, May 12th, 2014

The retail industry is facing unprecedented changes, presenting new opportunities for forward thinking retailers. Designing “The Future Retail Experience” was the topic for this year’s European Student Network (ESN) collaboration. ESN is a network of design management students, from 10 leading universities which was founded in 2004 by PARK, and takes place every year. The students contribute fresh insights to real life challenges which a company sponsor asks to be addressed.

This year’s ESN workshop was a success for all – the sponsoring company, the students as well as PARK. The program focused on developing, evolving and reinventing the retail …

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How can Design and Innovation add value to Business?

PARK, April 28th, 2014

Do you know the success factors of design & innovation leadership? What are
the steps for successful implementation? How long does it take and is it measurable?

“Adding value to business through design & innovation” was the topic of Frans Joziasse’s speech at the Norwegian Design Councils annual Business and Innovation conference on 2nd April 2014.
This was a joint presentation with our client Allan Krog Erlandsen from Bang and Olufsen (B&O) who demonstrated how implementing successful design and innovation leadership at B&O have added value to their business. Allan highlights the core principles of their design and innovation culture, …

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Jay Peters

Moving on up…

Jay Peters, March 28th, 2014

Once again, design is making business headlines and triumphing its way into boardrooms, sitting right alongside with the CEO & CMO.

With the recently created role and appointment of a new Chief Design Officer at Johnson & Johnson, design is getting even more responsibility at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods producers. While the role of Chief Design Officer is nothing new at J&J, having been previously held by Chris Hacker for more than seven years,  that role was reportedly “limited” to J&J’s consumer businesses and namely to consumer products. In a move to step up …

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